I am a British student based in London and Bristol

I am not:

A professional skin expert, makeup artist, nutritionist,  pro fashion person.

I am also not a perfect human being. I try to buy from ‘cruelty free’ beauty companies, and I try not to buy fast fashion. But I am no means perfect – I don’t think I need to elaborate on this

Why am I starting this blog?

I want to become a better consumer, and I care about ethics in all industries. I also love trying out new product, clothes, and all sorts

My personal stance on buying beauty products is that I avoid companies which test on animals. I will sometimes buy from companies with parent companies who test but do not test themselves.

My stance on fashion is more complicated; I really try to buy all my clothes secondhand or new from brands which do not exploit humans for profit. I do understand that this is more difficult with our modern mindset.

My stance on purchasing books is that I buy through book shops. NOT AMAZON. Amazon is damaging the book industry in many ways. I would rather buy my books from someone who pays tax

This all being said, a company that does not test on animals but has a few dodgy scandals under their belt will not have my support. I try and stay aware of this at all times. I hope at the end of this I have made it clear that ethical consumption is not black and white, and that most of us are just trying to do our best.

Brand want to connect?

If you are a brand which has a conscious mind then do feel free to get in touch at crueltyfreelaura@gmail.com

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