Indeed Labs hydration range

I’ve done a full review of hydraluron, their staple hydrating serum and most well-known product. But, I thought their whole hydrating range was worth talking about.

Indeed Labs are a young, small brand. And they don’t create product for the sake of it. Everything I have tried from them has been a hit. I love these hyaluronic acid dedicated products.

I trust the ingedients implicitly, I get no peeling, no irritation. They layer well, when all else is going wrong these are the products I head to. I can’t imagine anyone having much issue with them. All hail Indeed Labs, honestly just value for money.

If you’re buying one product, it’s the hydraluron serum. It tackles long-term dehydration, it’s one of those things I think everyone could do with. And it works well with really strong actives. I.e, when I use this after prescription strength retinol and gylcolic acid, my face doesn’t feel like it’s falling off. Also, out of all of them it has the easiest packaging. Squeezy tube. £24.99

The hydraluron moisture jelly is also fab. The texture feels slightly lighter, it genuinely feels like a moisturising water. If you’re funny about heavy product, want to keep it as light as possible, this is where to go. Personally, I like layering it underneath an oil, as a non-intrusive extra layer of moisture. The packaging is a pump pot. I got through it very fast. £24.99

Lastly, the hydration booster. Dropper bottle of a very light, runny milky serum. This is immediate hydration, and you can tell because this is more tingly and immediately active than the previous two. Added niacinamide also. Probably not as long-term, it’s a great quick-fix though. Drop it into other moisturisers.  £16.99


Bag them when they’re on offer at Boots (often 3 for 2). It happens more often than you think. 🙂 All cruelty free, fragrance free, and these products are also vegan.




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