Buying a puffer jacket? ARE WE ALLOWED??

Ah, the universal puffer. Is it still ‘ok’ to buy a puffer jacket in 2019? I mean, I didn’t think I was that person either. The North Face craze/ that green UO puffer jacket put me off for sure.

But, I think, as long as you step away from Topshop, UO, North Face, you can actually find it a completely socially acceptable garm!

Avoid the matte black, short, standard basic puffer. It’s boring, and you won’t feel so special wearing it. You’ll look more like Alan Partridge than ‘outleisure’ cool-kid. More likely, you’ll look like you have an awareness of ‘trend fashion’ but no individual flair, I’m afraid.

There are some excellent versions in longer fits, shiny, furry, velvet textures, mulitcolour etc however! And this is the path I intend to go down!

Here are some gooduns’ I’ve found. Some are heinously expensive, but nice to look at:

Rains Long Puffer, £375

zoomed imageWeekday Brown Puffer, £70

Elsa Jacket - MustardWood Wood Mustard Jacket, £310

Save The Duck Luck padded jacketSave The Duck, £230

Tech Down Coat - Tigers EyeGanni Puffer, £300

Twin-Set zip up puffer jacketTwin-Set Puffer, £295

Massimo Dutti Velvet Puffer, £119



Disclaimer: photos are not mine. main photo is massimo dutti.



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