five of the best: cream eyeshadow sticks

The easiest, quickest eyeshadow product is a cream stick. Apply it where you like, smudge with your finger, and you’re good to go. Formulations between beauty companies tend to be pretty similar; the cheaper ones from my experience are almost if not just as good as the expensive versions.


  1. e.l.f No-Budge Shadow Stick, (in Metallic Mocha) £5 for 1.6g

Vegan and cheap, this cream blends well, and the shape works well as a thick liner or a colour-your-whole-eyelidlid stick. I layer powder on top of it happily and it really does stay in place all day. Shade range is limited – I wish they did more than only 4 variations of brown. Honestly if it came in more shades it would stand up well to products 4 times the price. The packaging come in an easy, no-sharpening stick. Great cheap buy.

2. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, £5.50 for 5g

Wider array of shades and very blendable. Almost too blendable though…? Might slide off during the day slightly. Also you’ll need to find a large sharpener of a steady hand and knife with this one. But I really like the colour Sparkle Nude as a base, and I love that it’s a relatively thin tip, so good for lining the eyes. Widely available.

3. GOSH Forever Single Eyeshadow £6.29 for 1.5g

Like the e.l.f, it’s a twist up packaging and the colour Light Copper is the most beautiful colour. One of my favourite eyeshadows just for that colour. More colour range than both e.l.f and NYX put together, a mix of mattes and shimmers, and blends very nicely.

4. Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow £6.90 for 1.64g

32 shades to choose from, and nice swivel packaging. I find that you need to layer the colour on slightly to get a proper shade, but it works well with other products too.

5. Rosie for M&S Eyeshadow Stick £12.50 for 1.6g

The packaging is a total rip-off from Charlotte(!!), but it lasts well and the pigment is very good. I really like the metallic finish, but more shades would be nice for the price…..



If I were to only have one it would be the lovely GOSH one, that I always get compliments from whenever I wear.

If I were to recommend one it would be the cheap steal from e.l.f, and I only hope they bring out more shades.



Beauty Pie Wondercolour Stick, £3 for members

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Cameleon £19

Pixi Endless Shade Stick £12.50

ILIA Silken Shadow Stick £26

Bareminerals BarePro Shadow Stick £19


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