Skincare routine, when skin is spotty (cruelty free)

This is my go-to routine when my skin is at it’s worst. Stubborn acne, spots that are red and sore, usually caused by hormones. If I’ve eaten too much dairy, about to start my period or my skin has just decided to be spotty I take a bit of extra care.

I avoid my more luxurious balm cleansers and opt for a less greasy cleanser, followed by acid toner (v. important), and a nice light facial oil. The key is cleanser, tone, hydrate. I will often use a clay face mask too.

Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, Beauty Pie

I like this one because it’s very comforting but not too heavy. It’s a gel based, almost balmy, and turns into a milk. I remove with a flannel for a bit of extra exfoliation.

When your skin is angry at you do NOT make it more angry with a foaming cleanser. It’ll dry out your skin which won’t help anything. Go for nice milks, balms and oils. Stripped skin doesn’t equal ‘clean’. But maybe avoid heavy, greasy, fragrance, essential oils balms for now.

Tea Tree Face Mask, Body Shop

Not only does my skin look immediately better after having this on, but the spots are treated too. The tea tree gives a bit of a sting, which is what spots need right now. This mask is always in my arsenal for these kind of days.

Alpha-Beta Exfoliating Pads, Dr Dennis Gross

The OG of acid toners (in my opinion). Expensive, yes, but easily the most effective for immediate skin clearing. The pack comes with an acid pad, and you follow it with the retinol based PH balancing pad. By the morning you will see a difference. Scarring is improved, acne reduced. Highly recommend.

Power D Oil, Zelens

Powerful enough to make a difference and yet light enough to not feel greasy. I feel like this oil would be even better for a mature skin, but for me it just chills my acne a bit, and hydrates my skin. All good things.

I would also use a rosehip oil, or a similar lightweight (almost dry) oil.


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