Balance Me, Congested Skin Range

The Congested range at Balance Me is a particular highlight for me. I’m massively impressed with the products, which tackles blemishes whilst remaining loyal to ‘natural’ ingredients. Often when I think of ‘congested skin’ products I think salicylic acid and alcohol, but these products are a great alternative to this. You might like to look into them if you want an alternative to ‘acid’ based blemish skincare, I like to use the congested range alongside my more traditional acids.

Congested Skin Serum

Not loaded with harsh chemicals – unlike many blemish serums this won’t dry out your skin. And this is key, it WON’T dry out the skin – which is the deal breaker for blemish serums. Too many times I’ve tried spot treatments which essentially just dry out the spot – which in the long run just doesn’t help. Honestly, this is my go-to blemish serum, and I’ve tried tonnes. Loaded with fatty acids and antioxidants, this to me feels like a proper skin treatment. You can feel a slight tingle on your skin, which means it’s working, but it absorbs very nicely. It does exactly what it says – reduces the appearance of blemishes, treats spots. My face always looks clearer the morning after I’ve applied this. You can dab it on individual spots, or apply it to larger areas. It really is gentle enough for anyone, foolproof and totally worth trying out if you get a bit congested. £16 for 15ml (look out for when it’s on offer at Sainsbury’s)

Balancing Face Moisturiser

Again, loaded with the same antioxidants and fatty acids, and lots of glycerin to hydrate. Mainly, this is a very light weight moisturiser aimed for someone with an oily skin. If you have an older, dehydrated skin you can pass on this one and go for one of their richer moisturisers. I love this as a layer under a skin primer, or in the warmer weather then I don’t want to drown my skin in heavy hydrators. Many people with congested skin make the mistake of depriving their skin of oil, but your skin still needs some oil ! This product provides that perfect balance between giving the skin the right amount of oil it needs without it being heavy. £24 for 50ml.

Congested Skin Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a tad bit of a gimmick if you ask me, but I really enjoyed using this. In all honesty, using this in the evening and using the skin serum in the evening would most likely leave you with the same results the next morning (in terms of blemish control). However, the mask does give you very immediate results – so you may even want to use the mask in the morning to give your skin a little instant refresh and clear ! It felt really hydrating and lovely on the skin, my skin did feel very plump and clear afterwards. Also it’s a biodegradable mask, so no guilty pleasure! Pack of 4 is £16



Balance Me are available at Look Fantastic, Sainsbury’s, their own website. They have lots of different ranges of skincare – everything I have tried so far has been great.

Disclaimer: non spon, all product paid for by me !!!

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