Cruelty Free brands with diverse shade ranges

It’s a well known fact that the makeup industry is ridiculously bad at accommodating to darker skin shades. All too often, especially at the pharmacy, I stumble across brands that have a few shades of pale and that’s it. I am lucky enough to pretty much always be able to find a shade which works on me. It is a massive disservice to dark skinned people, who have every right to find a shade that vaguely matches theirs. Quite frankly, many brands are just lazy.

Much as I love a ‘natural’ beauty brand now and then, it often means they compromise on shade range. All too often, ‘green’ brands should pretty much just be called ‘white’ brands – because that is all they cater for. Let’s not even get started on the word ‘nude’.

But fear not, there are quite a few cruelty free brands who do a pretty good job. Not nearly enough, though, and you’ll have a better chance with the more high end brands. Here are some examples of that. (Please let me know more, or if I’ve got something wrong) x

Anastasia Beverley Hills


Beauty Pie


Charlotte Tilbury

Cover FX (insane shade range, all vegan. Most universal face products on the market imo)

Fenty Beauty (known for great shade range)



Lily Lolo (could be better, but pretty good for a ‘green’ brand)

MILK Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

RMS Beauty

Sleek (good range for chemist brand)


Stila (could be better)



All the best xxx


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