Stokes Croft (Gloucester&Cheltenham Road) Guide

An area known for it’s quirky side, which (sadly) is quickly becoming gentrified. One of the best places in Bristol for nightlife, food, and independent shopping.


Prince of Wales has been about for a long time, and is at risk of closing – so go and support it! For more food and drink, check out the newly opened Coconut Tree (for Sri Lankan), Spicer+Cole (for coffee), flour&ash (for pizza),  Boston Tea Party (for brunch and lunch), Arts House Cafe and Cafe Kino (for brunch, and arts events), and Crafty Egg for more food !! Also, Eat a Pitta.


Charity shop highlights are the Books for Amnesty, and the CLIC Sargent shop for clothes. ‘Here’ is a cute little stationery/magazine shop (they have a special box for old editions at reduced prices). There are little shops scattered everywhere, you’ll find jewelry, plants pots and all sorts. Health food shops are everyone, but Scoopaway is the BEST ONE.


Black Daddy’s does vintage, Wild Leaf for plants,


A special mention goes out to Hamilton House, a community favourite which is battling to avoid being taken over by property developers. Art exhibitions, music, bar, restaurant: it’s really worth supporting.




All the best, and VISIT BRISTOL!!

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