Christmas Gifts: Clothes&Accessories

This is the final installment. I know it’s pretty late, so good luck if you’re still hoping to find lots of presents ! and Merry Christmas xxx

youyrxaunww6acbo2welJenny Blanc Santorus Leopard Glasses Case £50

Can be cheap, or more expensive if you like. This one is from an indepent brand, and looks lovely. You could opt for luxurious leather, or something just really colourful.

D_D_AW18_HG_S01_010_0081a2b5-f761-4a95-879a-f5073922499e_750xDesmond and Dempsey The Jag Print Long Set Pyjamas £150

I really don’t like receiving cheap Christmas themed pyjamas (how ungrateful!), it’s one of my bug bears. I’d much rather receive 1 pair of really luxe pj’s than 10 years worth of ones that always end up at the charity shop. D&D are the epitome of fancy pyjamas.


Present in the Liane JRF Jungle Silk Sleep Mask £32

So chic, and very unessential. But lovely all the same.

Cashmere Bed SocksThe White Company Cashmere Bed Socks £35

Fancy socks, enough said.

Creative Health Tote BagDavid Shringley Tote Bag £15

In aid of Imperial Health Charity’s arts schemes, cute tote too.

Birdsong T-Shirt No borders £32

I own the Mona t shirt and wear it non stop. Great intro to brand, versatile and ethical buy !

0P7Z3392Lefrik Backpack £

Eco-friendly backpacks, made from 100% recyclable plastic.

Men's Dark Green 'Artist Stripe' Band Merino Wool Scarf Paul SmithPaul Smith Scarf £70

Any merino scarf would be a great gift. Make sure you avoid acrylic and fast fashion and you should be good. This dark green scarf with the signature Paul Smith stripes looks great and isn’t overtly ‘brand pushing’.



Disclaimer: nothing sponsored, and I don’t own most of these things ! x




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