Christmas Gifts: Home&Candles

The next week is going to be a Christmas post overload. You still have a week to shop – hope this gives you some good ideas x

9f9093872aaef5c4f692c151da0fd75c6d59f4f2_BSPELM001MUL_UK_Elmin_Patchwork_Bedspread_200x225cm_Multi_LB01 Elmin Patchwork Bedspread £129

100% cotton and linen, which is why it has the higher price tag.  Another option is the one below, which again is 100% cotton.

Habitat Paulista Black and White Quilted Cotton Throw £100


Someday Designs Toppu Pot Striped £58

I love the design of this, it looks so chic and will be one to keep forever.


Att Pynta Handmade Amber yellow Glass vase £26

Okay, so there is a bit of theme here. But I just think a vase is such a great gift, you have the option to present it with flowers too.

Pantry Large Glass Jar

The White Company Pantry Large Glass Jar £22

Fill them with some Himalayan pink rock salt, some dried chillis or something special.


Diptique Baies Candle £26-£47

I think many people get gifted Christmas-y candles, but if you receive something that smells like cinnamon at the end of December it becomes a bit tired very quickly. An all rounder scent will be much better suited to January, and one that the recipient will be able to enjoy throughout the year.


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