Christmas Gifts: Food&Drink

Safe, but can be totally special. Aim for pretty packaging, and extra luxury versions of things your recipient loves.


Fortnum and Mason Ethiopia Guji Zone Ground Coffee £25

F&M have a huge selection of coffee, tea, and food gifts. All beautifully packaged and really special. It doesn’t have to be Fortnum and Mason, but any really luxury coffee package would be loved by a caffeine freak.


Bluebird Tea Company Mince Pie  loose tea from £6

Christmas tea is just too good. Buy your relative who loves Earl Grey a particularly luxury earl grey. Or, for someone who loves all tea, a particularly unique flavour of tea. Packaged nicely, this company has all sorts of tea related gifts and loads of Christmas tea blends. Maybe buy a nice mug to go with it too.


Hotel Chocolat Chocolat Cream Liqueur £25

A decadent bottle of spirit is the ultimate foodie gift. Chocolate alcohol, does it get any better than that? There are loads of options on the market, but Hotel Chocolat is pretty accessible in most places.


Hotel Chocolat Chilli Hot Chocolate £9

Perfect gift to use on the day itself, imagine making yourself a chilli hot chocolate whilst watching all the Christmas specials on TV? Lovely.


Coco Chocolatier Gin and Tonic Dark Chocolate £5.75

Yes, even chocolate should have an alcoholic twist at Christmas. This bar looks beautifully packaged.


All the best xxxx


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