Best Makeup Look Videos

I take no shame in confessing that I love watching videos of people putting on their makeup. Especially when they know what they’re doing. I love watching the process, and an artist’s take on makeup always reminds of the ability for makeup to be expressive and creative.

‘5 Makeup Looks You Should Master’ – Pixiwoo

I really like Pixiwoo, I especially like Sam’s eye looks. I’ve watched this video so many times; the idea is that less is more. Sam manages to split makeup techniques and looks into 5 different looks, instead of the typical combination of contour AND lips AND eyes. Must watch. I love her makeup philosophy

Midnight Smokey Blues – Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is such a classic artist, and her channel covers a massive range of makeup techniques. Her makeup is often very modern and edgy as well, and I really like this eye look as I have such a soft spot for blue eye makeup. Lisa taught me most of what I know about applying makeup, over the years she has basically taught me how to put on my face.

Morning Red Lips – Violette

Her videos are always artistic and fresh. This is such a simple look, which I think embodies her style of makeup as a whole.

Fenty Beauty can square up – Jackie Aina

Jackie is hilarious, she makes makeup application seem so fun. Whilst I don’t always love her looks and never really replicate them on myself, I love her energy and her reviews. She seems down to earth, and stands up against some bullshit so hats off to her imo. This video is so great

Sali Hughes and Mary Greenwell – Pretty Honest, the natural look

Sali’s videos are always informative and fun, in this video she has her makeup done by Mary Greenwell.


Charlotte Tilbury, Wedding Makeup – Amal Clooney


The makeup look is beautiful, and Charlotte is probably the keenest makeup freak out there. Her flamboyant sales techinques and ‘Darlings!’ make her the kind of woman I want to sell me slap. Her brand is cruelty free too !

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  1. I also used to love watching makeup videos on YouTube but I am taking a break for few days from watching YouTube videos. My eyes need rest.

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