A word on recommendations

In light of some beauty community madness going on, I thought I’d talk about reviews and recommendations.

I was pretty shocked to hear that Sunday Riley pay people to post fake positive reviews, it also suggests that there must also be a large presence of fake negative reviews. There is of course also the reality that online retailers have the ability to control their review pages, and that many go unpublished. After this week I am definitely more sceptical when reading reviews myself !

It’s a big ask to say to someone, ‘for £40+, you should trust me and buy this!’. I imagine for the big dogs in the internet beauty world, who get sent tonnes, it must easy to forget how valuable a product review is.

On a few occasions I have been disappointed in beauty purchases made based on an internet recommendation. It is a shit thing (well, relatively) to spend £30+ on something that does nothing – particularly if it makes your skin worse. I know how valuable a recommendation is.

I thought it was worth writing this post to just say that I do not take recommending a product lightly. Particularly when a product is pricey.

From experience, I now always really think through a purchase, and question reviews. And I will continue to be careful about the information I put out there. It is worth reminding ourselves to take recommendations with a pinch of salt; it is so easy to forget that everyone’s skins are different.

All the best,

L x



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