3 Bright Lipsticks

Lipsticks are my favourite beauty item – they genuinely bring me so much joy. A colourful lipstick can jazz up an outfit, it really is another accessory. I think it can be one of the most cost effective ways bring something new to your look. But is it worth spending £20+ on a lipstick, when you can achieve the same look with something 4 times cheaper?

I have three colourful lipsticks of my own.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Boheme – £7.99

I wouldn’t describe the formula as ‘velvet’ when it’s actually a more sticky texture. That’s not to say I don’t like it. This has a satin finish, the colour lasts and has full pigment. Not drying, comfortable to wear, there isn’t much not to like. The colour itself is just lovely – it’s sophisticated, dark and buildable. This isn’t a long lasting as more expensive lipsticks I’ve tried, and the packaging is more functional than it is luxurious, but generally it’s a true testament to how good an affordable lipstick can be.

Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in Pure Fuschia £14

Again, not matte. Satin finish, nice amount of pigment and feels nice on the lips. My favourite aspect of this lipstick is the colour – it’s so cheering. It’s bold and modern and it just makes me happy. The ingredients are slightly more sophiticated than the GOSH, with more natural plant oils. But the packaging and result are basically the same. The colour range is great, but for the packaging and formula you can easily get the same thing for less money.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red £24

Now I know this is expensive, but truly the formula is the best I’ve tried. The matte is actually matte, the colour lasts on the lips after lots of eating and licking. It’s creamy, moisturising, and full of natural ingredients which make it so comfortable to wear. The packaging is beautiful and luxurious. It’s expensive yes, but if you’re a lipstick person this will be right up your street. You can wear it so many ways; on the cheeks, lightly as a stain, and in full. It would make a great gift, it just feels special to use. And this is the true crux of an expensive lipstick – it feels like a proper lipstick. A lipstick you’re proud to reapply at the dinner table, a lipstick which makes you feel happy when you see it sitting on your desk.


Disclaimer: non spon !


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