Clifton Village Guide

Otherwise known as the posh end of Bristol, Clifton Village is where you’d take your mum for brunch. And it’s lovely in its own right.

The suspension bridge is lovely and all that, but for most of the time I spend here I’m looking at clothes, sitting in square and drinking teas in the fab cafes. Here are some things I like:


Coffee and food options are aplenty, I swear that everywhere you look someone is sitting outside drinking flat whites and eating halloumi.  Primrose Cafe and Spicer and Cole are popular for good reason – particularly Spicer and Cole for the kind of coffee which that makes you feel warm inside. Honestly, when I used to drink flat whites (before I realised coffee makes me a jittery mess), Spicer and Cole’s flat white is the best I’ve ever tasted. And Primrose rarely has a free seat at the weekend for the great food, (fab if you manage to get a seat, but don’t get your hopes up).


Other cafes include East Village Cafe, Saffron, Bar Chocolat, Wainwright’s Coffee, and the West Country’s infamous Boston Tea Party (there are many BTP’s across Bristol). All stock full of almond milk and other middle class nicety’s, I’m sure.


For more substantial food, Thali does great Indian food and I’ve heard that Nutmeg is the best Indian in Bristol. Both a short distance away from each other in the village. For sushi go to Fujiyama (great for takeaway also), and for pizza consider Bristol’s own Bosco Pizzeria or the more student-y White Harte pub.

The streets offer interesting shops displays, there are quite a few antique shops and florists, as well as Reg the Veg for fresh produce if that’s your thing.


The village also offers many niche shops, my favourite being Papersmiths for stationery and magazines – if you love stationery (pen porn) it is very pleasing.


There’s Waterstones for books and Maze (right) for pretty clothes. I particularly like looking in HOKO (left) for clothes and print. This independent, concept store is stretched out through underground tunnels.


Next to Primrose Cafe is The Arcade, which is an indoor market offering niche jewelry, clothes, hairdresser, furniture and all sorts. It’s worth a look at.


For more beautiful sights, make sure you walk through Victoria Square, Birdcage Walk (main picture), and especially the Royal York Crescent for views across Bristol. If you have more time, escape from the city in Ashton Court for a long and rural walk.


For beauty treatments, Nailhouse and Nails 1 look lovely. (I have never been a customer to either.)

I’m always interested in recommendations x


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