Fragrance Series: Acqua di Parma, or ‘Parma Colonia’

Acqua di Parma’s original cologne is classic Italian chic. It smells like proper lemon, with an earthy undertone. For me, it’s the perfect aromatic citrus for summer. Not overtly masculine nor feminine, this suits everyone.

acqua-di-parmaImage result for italian summer

Colognes are designed to be fresh but fleeting, which is why it’s perfect for sticky hot weather, I just love how light it is. That is not to say that the scent itself is not complex, this is not a toliet-cleaner kind of ‘fresh’, the smell is still classic and elegant.


I personally buy the Eden Perfumes equivalent ‘Parma Colonia’, which lasts just as long on the skin and smells just the same. No really, to my nose, exactly the same. Also, completely cruelty free.

For me, perfume and scent is part of the dressing up process. It is another little joy at the beginning of the day. I think clothes tie in very well with scent.



Go and have a sniff x


Eden Perfumes are available online, or in their Brighton Store

Disclaimer: non spon ofc




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