Body Shop Aloe Mask… saved my face this morning

This morning I tried a new ‘detoxifying’ mask. When plastering it on, and keeping on for about 5 minutes, I didn’t feel like anything could have gone wrong. However, to my horror, when I removed with a hot flannel my skin underneath was red. Really red. My face felt hot, and my skin was left red exactly where the mask was put.

I won’t name and shame the brand/product, but I certainly won’t be using it again.

Immediately I splashed cold water on my face, but my skin was still hot and red. I found The Body Shop’s Aloe Soothing Rescue Cream Mask in my product drawer and plastered it on my face. Within a minute my face was cooling down immediately and now, about half an hour later, most of the redness has calmed down.

I’m so glad I picked this product up a while back. It’s hydrating and calming and exactly what a sensitized, sore face needs. It’s alcohol and fragrance free (does contain silicone), and quite frankly saved my face from falling off this morning.


Disclaimer: not sponsored by anyone. I write this post purely in response to my own experience this morning!

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