Aveda Shampure Range, review.

As suggested in my last favourite things of the month post, these two products deserve a review of their own.

The shampoo is my favourite of the two, and the one which I think is particularly worth the money. It’s full of essential oils and natural cleaners and cleans the hair in the most gentle way. It smells like a blend of all the plant-based ingredients, but it’s not overpowering – just an ‘expensive clean’ scent.

It doesn’t contain SLS, SLES or any harsh cleaners – which means it’s suitable for all. Especially the ‘curly girl hair community’, this shampoo doesn’t weigh my hair down or flatten any of my own waves.

Some reviewers suggest that their hair feels easily greasy soon after washing, and that they then switch back to their cheap shampoos. From my knowledge, this is probably because their hair is used to harsh SLS which dries out the hair.

The conditioner is very nice also, it doesn’t contain any silicones. This means that the hair doesn’t feel super slippery with the conditioner in. Instead of coating the hair with shiny silicone, I would say this conditioner is much better in the long term for the hair. I notice that my hair doesn’t feel as weighed down as it does with cheaper dimethicone filled conditioners.

The product is expensive, at about £80 for both of the 1000ml bottles. But the quality of the juice inside means that I don’t use much, and my hair always smells and feels lovely.

Disclaimer:non spon. Aveda is a company which doesn’t test on animals themselves, but are owned by a company who do.

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