Favourites #6


Long name aside, this is a nice affordable cleansing oil. I prefer this to the Body Shop one now because of the packaging alone. No leakiness. I use this to remove makeup, it loosens everything off. £10 for 200ml
Mud Marvels Mask, Merumaya
This is a good mud mask. It works well to immediately improve the appearance of the skin, without drying it out. In my opinion, £20 for a 50ml mask is just too much, but luckily I got this on offer. I consider this mask to be a proper deep cleanse, if ya get me
Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz, B. by Superdrug
I keep seeing very expensive facial mists and wondering why. It’s a mist, it is literally there just for a quick bit of hydration. In terms of efficacy, a mist is only a sandwich layer of temporary moisture. This one by Superdrug does exactly that. I got it for £5.99 for 75ml
Volume Attraction mascara, KIKO
Very dramatic, when you first put it on it is incredible. My lashes have never looked so thick. It is however a bit smudgy. The price is very reasonable, at £7 for 8.5ml. Mascara is mascara, I personally wouldn’t spend big money on something which performs well at a low price. I am consistently impressed by KIKO makeup.
Serum Concealer, BareMinerals
This is so so good. Doesn’t cake, covers what you want it to, and blends into the skin beautifully. The shade range is diverse, but pretty small, I’m happy with the shade I have for this time of year (too dark for my pale winter skin). £23 for 6ml.
Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner, AVEDA
I will probably do a separate post just for this combo, but these are just the best shampoo and conditioner. Gentle, smells like posh plants and just all round lovely. I’ve been using my 2x1000ml bottles for at least 6 months and they still aren’t anyway near being empty. Each bottle is £43 for 1000ml. It’s pricey yes, but these salon sizes last at least a year, and you don’t need to use a lot of product at once because the quality is so good. Maybe I’m mad for spending so much?!!!
All the best !
Disclaimer: I buy everything myself (my poor bank account), and don’t get paid to say anything obviously


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