Seven Seventeen Candles, a little luxury

Good, smelly, vegetable wax candles are a total luxury that I indulge in on a maybe too frequent basis. This brand of candles is partly to blame for my relatively new vice.

The plant wax means that they give off no black smoke, and you aren’t inhaling any shitty petrol-based chemicals. The quality of these candles are just lovely, the scents are subtle and sophisticated.

The brand was started by two friends, in 2017. The candles are made in England and are of excellent quality. Even better, £1 from every candle goes to PANDAS Foundation, a charity which supports women with pre/post-natal depression. Or, in the case of their more male scents, the £1 goes CALM – who are dedicated to preventing male suicide. I think there is something good in supporting independent, small, niche British brands – particularly ones with good ethos.

Yes, the packaging slogans are a bit cutesy and twee (e.g ‘Shine On’ and ‘Off Duty), but the scents are just LOVELY. I have Wild Fig and Grape (v. fresh, light), and Lime, Basil and Mandarin (move over, Jo.) I have also given the Moroccan Rose scented candle as a gift, and after having a smell would quite like one for myself thank you.

Prices range from £16 (for 120ml), £22 for 180ml, and £34 for 500ml.

Available at

Disclaimer: non spon ofc


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