Favourites #5


Balance Me, Radiance Face Mask

I use this almost as a cleanser in the morning and my skin loves it. It’s soft with tiny little granules sometimes occurring in the consistency – but nothing scrubby. I leave it on my face for two minutes while I brush my teeth and it just leaves the skin incredibly soft. To be honest, I’m in my 20s and my skin isn’t exactly dull anyway so I probably don’t notice the benefits as others might. But it’s just lovely to use. £18 for 75ml. (I bought mine on offer at Sainsbury’s for £14)

Dr Dennis Gross, Extra Strength Peel Pads

I was so impressed by the Daily Peels Pads (reviewed in my previous favourites) that I had to try the extra strength. To be honest, I think they work in a similar way to the Daily Pads. There is no price difference so it doesn’t matter too much anyway, by my skin was equally as exfoliated and cleared by these pads as by the others. £16.50 for 5 treatments.

Indeed Labs, Hydration Boost

Packed full of hyaluronic acid and glycerin, this is that immediate hydration boost we need at this humid time of year. The glycerin means that it sits well on the skin and makeup goes over it like a dream. It’s non-sticky and just does what it says. In comparison to the original hydraluon serum formula, this is definitely more immediately hydrating. Caroline Hirons (big name in skincare, go and look her up) describes this as short term hydration, and the original formula as better for long term dehydration. I have just found this a great serum at this time of year, when the last thing you want is a heavy cream on your face. £16.99 for 30ml

Argiletz, Clay Face Mask

This is a pink clay mask I bought from a health food shop. It’s fast drying, but kinda does the job of making your skin look a little better after use. I think the shelf life isn’t very long, but I imagine that is because there aren’t tonnes of preservatives inside and that it’s relatively ‘fresh’. About £5 for 100ml

GOSH, Lipstick

I have the shade ‘Boheme’ which is a flattering purple/pink. It’s a deep colour, but not dark at all, it’s just such a good shade. I slap it on all the time, I just love the sophisticated, but also bold colour. The consistency is creamy, with a slightly satin finish. It’s £7.99

LUSH, Sleepy Body Lotion

The lavender smell isn’t exactly summery, but  still love using it at night. The cream sinks in nicely, and never feels sticky.  The smell isn’t sweet, nor musky, just slightly smoky. A lovely ‘pampering’ lotion if you get me. This won’t be the cure for all your skin problems but just a good smelly one. £7.95 for 95ml.


Peggy Gou

Korean/German techno artist, her music is good and she seems cool. I’ve been walking around with her in my ears, and can just lie on my bed and listen.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

I know that Drag Race is old news, but it’s worth a mention because of how quickly I have been tearing through seasons. I dislike some of the ‘reality tv’ aspects, but all round I just love it.

Le Grand Mealunes

This is a magical, tragic tale. I wouldn’t say it changed the way I see the world, but it’s just a good story and an easy read. Sometimes, that is all you want.

New York Times Caliphate Podcast

This podcast presents stories of how young people become engaged with terrorist group ISIS. It’s really fascinating and has made me want to research more around the subject myself. It offers an interesting perspective on a heavy subject, this is not the podcast to listen to on a bad day or in the bath.

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