H&M ‘Conscious’ Recycling Program

Earlier this week I caught sight of the H&M ‘Conscious Recycling’ bins. The concept being to drop off your old clothes, and in exchange receive a £5 voucher and that self fulfilling feeling of “saving the planet”.

Upon further research I’m pretty disgusted by this hypocritical and tokenistic gesture by H&M. Calling H&M ‘conscious’ is like calling members of the BNP tolerant.

That £5 voucher only applies when you spend £30. That’s right, H&M make garments so poor in quality that you’ll end up having to dump your old rags in one of their bins and then be lured into buying even more crap.

To find out where the clothes actually end up, read this by the Guardian:


But ultimately, most of those clothes are going in landfill anyway.

This is the high cost of fast fashion. These programs are playing right into the pockets of these corporations by encouraging them to produce and make more money from throw-away garments. All, of course, under the pretense of ‘environmental awareness!’, making consumers further believe in their ‘guilt-free’ consumption.

It’s clever, sneaky stuff


(As always, watch THE TRUE COST).



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