Favourites #4


Melting Cleansing Balm, Merumaya

Really effective and luxurious. This just doesn’t feel greasy at all. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I love a grease, but other times I just want something that I can remove easily. It has the classic Merumaya scent (it just smells like nice skincare). I can’t imagine anyone not liking this or suiting this. Not heavy enough to cause breakouts, just leaves the skin clean and soft. £18 for 100ml.

Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads, Dr Dennis Gross

This post should essentially just be about this product. Acids are great for keeping skin clear and exfoliated, and my other cheaper acids do me well most of the time. But I recently had particularly inflamed spots and felt that I needed to step it up a notch. The big pot seemed too expensive for me, so I opted for this five treatment pack. But boy oh boy am I  now willing to pay for the big batch. The first step is an acid which contains glycolic, salicylic, citric and lactic acid. Part two of the treatment is a neutralising anti-ageing pad containing retinol and retinyl palmitate. After two treatments, my skin was visibly so much clearer, scarring had started to dramatically fade, and my skin looked far better. This is the most expensive, but best acid I’ve used. Even though it says it’s a five treatment pack, the pads themselves are HUGE. With each packet I open I cut each pad into four and I just about manage to cover my whole face in the liquid. They might seem expensive but god do they work. And if you want, you can make them last. Luckily my student discount on ASOS let me buy this 5 pack for £14.50. From now on I will save these pads for when my skin needs that extra bit of TLC.

Congested Skin Serum, Balance Me

A nice natural alternative to clearing serums. This one doesn’t leave the skin dry at all. I’ve noticed it reducing redness, and generally keeping my skin calm. I like this a lot, the consistency is milky and sinks into the skin at a nice speed. I got it on offer at Sainsbury’s for £12. But typically, it’s £16 for 15ml.

Radiance Day Cream SPF 15, Superfacialist

This has done me well as a good spring day cream. SPF 15 in a day cream isn’t strong enough for UV rays above 3-4, so I wouldn’t wear this alone in blazing sun, but for everyday it’s good enough. Makeup sits well over it, and it doesn’t leave a whitecast nor a greasy residue. The rose scent is a bit strong for my liking, but it fades and after 5 minutes I don’t notice it anymore. £10 for 75ml, but again, you could probably find it on offer in the usual places occasionally.

Overnight Glow Serum, Pixi

This does what it says on the bottle. You do wake up with a glow. It’s a nice big dose of glycolic acid at night, and my complexion is always a bit clearer in the morning. My only fault with this is the consistency of the juice. It kind of feels a bit sticky to me, and I don’t like the feel of it on my face. The product is supposed to be left alone on the skin, but I tend to leave it on my skin for 10 minutes and then wash it off. Having said that, 10% glycolic is good and the price is pretty reasonable, if it were in a more luxurious feeling formula the price would go up. £26 for 30ml

Body Lotion Amber Heaven, Mandara Spa

The formulation is brilliant. Not sticky, no mineral oil, just lovely. Not my favourite scent (too sweet for me), so I’ll look at some of their other scent options. Really affordable, and just a good luxurious spa brand. I got this mini in a set, but a full size is £3 fr 150ml. Can’t go wrong.

Pat Away Concealing Base, Pixi

Basically, I’ve been a fool for buying cheap concealers for so long and this product made me realise that. Cheaper concealers often contain ingredients which might trigger breakouts, and mainly they bloody oxidise which defeats the purpose of a BLOODY CONCEALER. Excuse me. I have the shade ‘Cream’ and I love it. It blends beautifully, it doesn’t break me out, and it stays the same colour. Unfortunately, the shade range is terrible. Only 3 shades, an they’re all distinctly white. But if you’re pale like me, it’s a great concealer. It’s £16 for 3.8g. (38ml???)

KIKO Smart Fusion Lip Liner and Lipstick

The shade I have for both is 405, which is the perfect your-lips-but-better nude for me. The joy of KIKO is that the prices are affordable, and they have a huge range of shades which are easy to shop for. I bloody hate shopping in store in a typical chemists, testers are all over the place. None of that in a KIKO store. I was able to find the shades I wanted very efficiently. The liner stays, and slides on like it should. The lipstick isn’t the most long lasting, and it smells very strong of vanilla, but it’s pretty good for £3.90. Liner is £2.50.


Breathless/ A Bout De Souffle

This film was a gift to me, it’s defined as ‘the epitome of cinematic cool’. I hear it’s one of the most influential films in French New Wave cinema, I just thought it was an enjoyable watch. The dialogue was constantly entertaining, and quotable. I just liked it a lot.

Yazmin Lacey

Think smoky jazz. Her voice is just sex, and I adore her. She’s a recent find of mine and one I will treasure!

Victoria Wood As Seen on TV

Victoria Wood is more my  mum’s generation of tv comedy, but as it’s recently been uploaded to Netflix I’ve been tearing through episodes myself. It’s been said countless times before, but she’s just great and her sketches just make me happy.



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