Why you don’t need to ‘lighten’ your vulva.

It saddens me that in an angry pit of rage I feel the need to write this post.

This is in response to Huda Beauty’s recent article on ‘Why Your Vagina Gets Dark and How To Lighten it’.


Firstly, they are actually referring to the area called the vulva. GET YOUR TERMINOLOGY RIGHT YOU FOOLS. Don’t take advice from this ‘expert’ who apparently does not understand the difference.

It goes without saying that you definitely don’t need to lighten it. The only person who cares about how ‘light’ your vulva is is clearly the person who wrote this post. I have NEVER heard of this ‘problem’ before.

Just like cellulite, the darkness of your vulva (whatever the hell that means), is just another marketing ploy to tap into women’s already extensive insecurities and exploit them for money. ‘You need this lightening cream for your vulva!’, ‘Ew, cellulite? Use this cream!’. No. Don’t.

This is totally unnecessary and problematic, and is exactly what beauty should NOT be about. More substantially, what is the modern beauty industry doing promoting ‘skin whitening’? Can we not see the problem with that?

They advise to use lemon juice. I advise to take that lemon, put it in a gin and tonic, and enjoy your life.

Read it to believe it….. http://hudabeauty.com/2018/04/07/why-your-vagina-gets-dark-and-how-to-lighten-it/

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