Olive Clothing – an overview

Olive is known for its minimal and quintessentially British designs. The clothes are elegant but understated, think classic knits and striped tees. They first came onto my radar through social media, the way they photograph clothes embodies the simplicity of the brand. I think the photography is extremely good – it shows off their range in a way which is, quite frankly, heaps better than a lot of fashion photography. The overall style of the brand is too preppy for my tastes to want to wear several of their items at once, but I really like many of their individual pieces.

Recently I bought a knit of theirs (pictured above) from one of their sales earlier on in the year. So far I’m really impressed with the quality and the fit. It’s worn very well so far, and I love how it looks with a faux suede skirt or big baggy jeans.

Ethically, their website is very upfront about their status in regards to labour and suppliers. Whilst they are not perfect, not being certain about the ethics of 100% of their supply chain, they are very transparent about their stance on corporate consciousness. This essentially means that whilst they can be certain that the assembling of the clothes is done in accordance to ethical standards, they can’t fully ascertain as to where all the yarn and textiles actually come from. I think this is a massive improvement from most brands, and I would much rather spend my money here than at Topshop. Read more about their corporate conscience here: https://www.oliveclothing.com/corporate-conscience/

(I would also like to note that most big fashion brands don’t have a section of their website dedicated to addressing conscious fashion and manufacturing processes. A fashion brand’s avoidance to talk about their ethics is a big red flag. Let’s just say it’s a pretty good sign when a brand actually does.)

I spent around £45 on my jumper, which would have originally been around £70. Their clothes aren’t as cheap as your typical highstreet-fastfashion-trendy brand, but are considerably more affordable than many others.

Here are some items they have available at the moment, all of which I would love to just snatch up right now:


(photos above from Olive website)

I think they nail knitwear and striped tees, their jewelry is interesting and unique also. The aesthetic seems to me to be simple clothing pared with large and interesting earrings. They have an impressive range of items, styles, and fits. A warning though, they don’t really cater that well for sizes above a typical small-medium, but they are still a small company.

check em out

Disclaimer: non spon. obvs not paid to say any of this cmon who do you think I am


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