Favourites #2


Double Cleanse, Pixi + Caroline Hirons

This is, of course, perfect for double cleanse as you get two products in one. This is great for travel, and I suspect I will purchase another in the summer months to accompany me. The balm removes everything, but isn’t heavy and doesn’t cause breakouts even on my combination skin. The cream is more luxurious and soft, I use to really clean the skin after makeup/SPF removal. It’s fragrance free, which is great for some – but I must say I love a luxurious smelling cleanser, I find it a more enjoyable cleansing experience. Also, the gripe I have with the dual container means that you are always going to run out of one first and then be left with half an empty container. For me, the cream is running out much faster than the balm. I hope Pixi gravitate towards making separate products in full size, because I love the cream. Also vegan. £24 for 100ml, from Cult Beauty, M&S and many other places.

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, Paula’s Choice

For an acne-prone oily skin, this product is great. It’s a salicylic acid dedicated acid, meaning it specifically targets breakouts and blackheads. After a few uses I saw a significant difference in the blackheads on my nose and the spot scarring on my cheeks. This product continues to keep my spots at bay, whilst helping to repair scarred skin. It’s not loaded with alcohol, so it doesn’t dry out the skin either. I could not recommend it enough for my fellow combination/oily/acne skins. It is one of the best products I have found for my skin in ages. I will definitely be trying more of Paula’s acids – she offers 12. The size I have is a 30ml travel size, which I got for £8 from the website. I warn you, this little bottle is leaky, so don’t travel with it. I will definitely be buying a full size before this one runs out, hopefully the bigger bottle doesn’t leak. Available at Paula’s Choice website.

Camomile Refreshing Toner, Cowshed

To put on after acid, this is a lovely calming and soothing spritz. This bottle is a proper spritz, no bolting ejaculation of water here. No alcohol, and instead camomile and lavender water to calm the skin. Very refreshing. Wouldn’t say spritzes are a crucial step to a skincare routine, but it just feels quite luxurious. £17 for 250ml – it’s lasting me ages.

Simply Pure Hydrating Serum, Superdrug

I love my hydraluron hydrating serum too, but this one is also excellent. I would say this (much cheaper) serum gives a better short term effect, but probably isn’t as good for dehydration in the long term since hydraluron actually contains a much purer form of hyaluronic acid. For £2.99 for 50ml, though, you can’t go wrong. It’s silky smooth, full of glycerin, and no silicone or other shit. Doesn’t break me out, just leaves my skin soft and prepped and comfortable. I like it. I always use moisturiser after. Buy at Superdrug.

Stick Foundation, Anastasia Beverly Hills

The first foundation and skin makeup I ever had was the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I remember being about 15 and wanting to wear foundation (in hindsight, I definitely didn’t need it), and my mum persuaded me to opt for a stick, since I could apply it with minimal and targeted coverage. Since then, I have never really been a liquid foundation girl. Sticks are the way to go for me. When I decided to only buy ‘cruelty free’, the Bobbi Brown stick was in my mind the hardest thing to let go of, because it was all I knew. The ABH stick has fulfilled all my foundation needs. The consistency I would say was lighter and less creamy than the BB, but just as buildable. It’s great, the packaging is just as sleek, it’s around the same price range and it comes in 30 shades. I only use a little bit, and so it lasts a long time. What I would say is that the shade illustrations on the website are a bit misleading, so ignore the pictures and read the shade descriptions. The first shade I got was far too dark for me. My shade now is Warm Alabaster, I’m a yellowy pale face. It’s £24 for 9g. It’s a good stick foundation, and I like it just as much as my old Bobbi.

Kiko Eyebrow Designer (Clear) and Glossier Boy Brow (Brown)

The Kiko gel is good, I sort of dab it on rather than combing it through the hair to avoid sticky crunchy brows, and it keeps my bushy hairs in place. The Glossier however is the winner. Not to blow my own trumpet but this product makes my eyebrows look amazing. The colour just adds a certain extra je ne sais quoi to my brows, without making them look heavy. Note – application is key, think less is more. The Kiko is £3.90 for 60ml, the Glossier is £14 for 3.12g.

Revive Body Lotion (and Body Wash), Green People

I got this duo (picture doesn’t show wash, threw it away – ooops) as a Christmas gift and it turned out to reward me with the best bath/pampering session I’ve had. I squeezed the wash into my bathtub and it resulted in the classiest and most beautiful bath I’ve ever had. The bubbles were soft and elegant, but plentiful. The lemongrass and ginger smell filled the room and the lotion allowed the scent to linger on my body all day. No SLS, or SLES, hence why my skin felt so soft afterwards, and the lotion was light and effective in keeping my skin soft for a short while. I can’t repurchase these scents again, as they were a special edition, but I will 100% be repurchasing other products again. I want another Green People bath. The set cost £19.95 for 100ml wash and 100ml lotion.


Mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf

Woolf’s stream of consciousness narrative storytelling is so effective, and something I thoroughly enjoyed reading, despite finding quite hard to read at first. She’s the first to write like this, and she actually does it well. The other modernist writing I have read so far for university hasn’t exactly caught my attention, a lot of it is pretentiously difficult to navigate. I genuinely think the literary form of this novel is necessary and useful in understanding the themes and the story, in that it allows the reader to engage more closely with the thoughts and feeling of the characters. If you enjoy stories of family life, the modern age and twisted love plots, then you might enjoy it.

Sober, Mahalia

A brilliant cover of Childish Gambino’s original, and in my mind better. I like A LOT.

Late Bloomer, Malia

Found this small artist on a Spotify spree, if you like the above (^^^), you might enjoy.

Flight of the Conchords

New Zealand musical duo make a comedy television show. It’s quirky and joyful and hilarious. I’m late onto it, they made the two seasons about 10 years ago. It’s just excellent. Go and watch ‘Inner City Pressure’ on Youtube now.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of this Greta Gerwig’s debut film. Admirable and complex female characters, funny dialogue and brilliant acting. I loved Three Billboards Out of Ebbing, Missouri too, but this is the film out of the recent months that I would watch again and again.

Thank you for reading x


Disclaimer: Not an ad. All thoughts are just my own !

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