EDEN Perfumes

If you miss your old bottles of Chanel perfume, you’re an avid fan of designer fragrance, or you just can’t let go of your signature scent – then fear not.

EDEN perfumes is one of the best things I’ve discovered since stopping buying product tested on animals.

They are an independent brand based in Brighton who make ‘vegan alternatives’ to well known fragrances. Think Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, and many more.

The perfumes are all vegan, and they contain less of the synthetic preservatives than designer fragrances contain. They’re supposed to be better for you because the fragrance doesn’t actually sink through your epidermis into your bloodstream. If ‘healthy’ beauty is something that appeals to you, then this is right up your street.

I tell you,  the perfumes I have bought from them smell EXACTLY the same as the originals. And because of the options to buy smaller bottles, and obviously the massive price difference, it has allowed me to buy and use lots of different scents I would have never tried before. I love them. I’ve also recommended them to friends who can’t quite justify spending £70+ to smell like their favourite scent.

The ones I have are:

Alluring Woman (alternative to Chanel ‘Allure’)

Eden Number Five (you’ve guessed it, alternative to Chanel ‘No.5’)

Koko (Chanel ‘Coco’)

Cristalles (Chanel ‘Cristalle’)

They are all Eau de Parfum, and they all smell the same as the original. All the reviews I’ve read online have been very positive, everyone in agreement that the scents are good.

Allure is my least favourite, because it’s just a bit too fresh and lacks the substance and ‘phwoar’ of the others, I probably won’t repurchase. But the others are so good.

Cristalle is the one I love to wear during the day, it’s earthy and beautiful. I wear Coco on nights out, but I would happily wear during the day too. It’s a classic scent that I’ve never been able to afford. No.5 is what I wear after an evening bath or shower when I’m feeling clean and good about myself. I’m not sure whether I’m ready to wear this old fashioned scent out and about, but for bedtime I love it.

I admit, the packaging isn’t fancy. But it works, it’s durable, and you’re essentially paying for what is in the bottle rather than splashing out £80 on a bottle with a logo on it. I have my old bottles of designer perfume on my dressing table for display, but I won’t ever be repurchasing them again. Seriously.


One day I will travel to Brighton to see the store I am sure, but for now I order online. They also do shipping worldwide. Check them out here:



Disclaimer: Not an ad, no affiliate links. All thoughts are my own!


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