Sleek Makeup

China loses out on Sleek, a makeup brand which refuses to sell to China until it changes it’s policies on animal testing.

Sleek is widely available in the UK on the high street, I bought these items from Superdrug.

They are well known for their impressive pigment and affordable price, here are the products I’ve tried:

I’m Conditional Mascara

This is a good affordable mascara. To be honest, it’s a mascara I don’t have lots to say about it. I buy a new mascara every 4 months and this was a nice one to use for 4 months. It claims to promote lash growth, which I’m not sure I believe, and the packaging is a bit uninspiring. But it’s a good product with a proper mascara brush. I would repurchase again.

It’s £7.99

Blush by 3 Palette, in Pink Lemonade (the bigger palette in the photo)

This comes with three wearable shades, I wanted to buy this palette to try out both their powder and cream blushes. (The cream in the photo has had my finger in, sorry!) The colours are flattering and long lasting, and the packaging is nice and heavy with a proper mirror. My one gripe would be with the cream blush, which contains mineral oil in it’s formula. This hasn’t been a problem as I only put a tiny bit on my cheeks, but I wouldn’t repurchase the cream blush again. I would however definitely repurchase their powder blushes. I hear that the shade Rose Gold is very similar to Nars’s Orgasm blush, so I will give that a try.


Blush by 3 palette costs £9.99, individual blushes cost £4.99

When I bought the blush, Superdrug had a deal on where I got these last few products for free… 🙂

i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette, in All Night Long (mini)

Normally, cheap eyeshadows are pretty disappointing. But these are pretty good. They are blendable and pigmented. I liked how small these little free palette was because often I don’t manage to finish an eyeshadow. The palette comes with mattes and shimmers, and are some of the best drugstore shadows I’ve tried.


The full size palettes are £8.99, I don’t know how much this little one cost.

Matte Me Lip Cream, in Velvet Slipper and Birthday Suit (mini)

These liquid lipsticks were such a find. The colour is creamy and pigmented, and the staying power is very impressive. I find all liquid lipsticks a bit drying so I always put a bit of lip balm over the top so that I can rub my lips together. I love this formula and am so impressed with the price and the quality, they do contain silicones, but that is to be expected at such an affordable price.

Velvet Slipper is a deep reddy pinky colour and Birthday Suit is a flattering pink nude colour.


A full size Lip Cream (just call them liquid lipsticks!) is £4.99. I don’t know how much these little ones cost.



Overall I am very impressed with the quality of the Sleek makeup products, the highlights being the powder blushes. Across the board the products are long lasting and pigmented, for an affordable price.

And thank you Sleek for refusing to sell to the Chinese market when so many drugstore brands do!


Disclaimer: Not an ad. All thoughts are my own. 🙂

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