Making my makeup bag less cruel

Maybe, testing beauty products on animals is a bit embarrassing in 2018 right??

Companies choosing to sell to China, rather than not test or use ingredients that are tested on animals, are companies I won’t be giving my money to.

Unfortunately all the big ones do, think MAC, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Clinique …… etc

I won’t buy from them, not particularly because I’m a big animal lover, but because it seems like the right thing to do when there are options for me to buy cosmetics elsewhere.

Personally, for two years I have not bought cosmetics from companies that test, I occasionally buy products from a cruelty free company but whose parent company tests. I will always disclaim when this is the case.

It is important for me to talk about the term ‘cruelty free’. In beauty industry terminology ‘cruelty free’ simply means that the products and the ingredients in the product are not tested on animals by them or by anyone else. However, this does not mean that the product is vegan (for those of you who that is important to), or made by a company whose beliefs in other areas correlate with mine. For example, many beauty products contains a raw material called ‘Mica’ which gives it that shimmery effect. A lot of the supply is from regions which use child labour. It is very difficult to know where Mica stands within a companies’ supply chain. All I’m saying is just because something is labelled as not tested on animals does not mean that it is ethically sound all round. This video by Rowan Ellis talks about this in a much more concise way than me, give it a watch:

Everyone’s cruelty free stance is different, you do you.

For more information on cruelty free makeup, the brands which do and don’t test, read these blogs, they do phenomenal work into researching brands:


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