Favourites #1

For favourites, I’ve decided to number them rather than labelling them as months, as I probably won’t have enough things to talk about every month.

Here are some things I’ve been enjoying using recently:

Camomile Cleansing Oil, The Body Shop

I’ve talked about this cleansing oil in a previous blog, so for more details go there. But this is my long time favourite cleansing oil. The reason it looks to full in the photo is because I’ve just finished a bottle and wanted to take a photo of a new one. PLUS the packaging is very leaky so if I tried to lay down an open bottle of this goodness on my beautiful background it would have leaked everywhere. I stock pile it, so luckily I had a new one on hand ! Anyway …. I’ve been using it to take off my makeup, and quite recently I left it on my skin whilst I had a bath, to really allow it to penetrate. Leaves the skin soft and clean. £12 from The Body Shop

Facial Radiance Pads, First Aid Beauty

These are great acid toning pads. They contain Lactic, Glycolic and Hyaluronic Acid to exfoliate, and they are very gentle. No alcohol, not drying at all. And Vegan if that’s your thing. The first evening I used them I woke up the next morning and my skin looked brighter and clearer. Will definitely be repurchasing. Around £20 in the UK, for 60 pads (I usually cut mine in half to prolong use). Avaliable at Feel Unique, Look Fantastic, and M&S.

Five Minute Facial Mask, Good Things

This is a good clay mask, clay masks are not advanced technology – they just clean and clear the skin. This mask makes my face look and feel immediately better. If a mask doesn’t do that it’s not a good mask. This mask is gentle and effective. Good Things products are great but hard to get hold of, you need to order off their website. They used to make lovely bath products but they have sadly been discontinued. Anyway, this mask costs £5.99 – (as it should ! Clay mask are not expensive to make)

Hydraluron, Indeed Labs

This product has been great for my dehydrated skin. It’s a hyaluronic acid serum, and it saves my face after nights of drinking and being out in the cold weather. Most people have dehydrated skin. This serum doesn’t break me out or feel heavy. I always follow with a water-based moisturiser because apparently that’s how it works best. (Go and look up Caroline Hirons’ blog and thank me later). It costs £24.99 but I got mine on offer. Available at Look Fantastic. And ASOS and Boots (although I wouldn’t buy from Boots).

Womankind Magazine, Issue #15: Yak

I bought this while I was looking around WHSmith, and so glad I brought it home. Womankind is an ad-free, women run magazine which covers identities and society from around the world. This issue’s theme is around mindfulness and compassion. It’s such an enjoyable read, containing articles of contemporary thought, photography, poetry and art. I’m tempted to tear pages out to put on my wall, but the magazine is just too beautiful for me to do it! Costs £5.99 for individual copy, but there are also subscription deals.

HEAVN, Jamila Woods

I KNOW I’m late to the party on this album, it came out in 2016, but better late than never. Jamila channels Erykah Badu and Chance the Rapper vibes, and I bloody love it. The vocals and instrumentation are beautiful, and the whole album is just so soulful. My favourite songs are probably Holy, VRY BLK, and Lonely. Give it a listen!


Thank you for reading!


Disclaimer: Not an ad. No affiliate links. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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